Call Me Baby Back

Check out another mashup from DJ Santo.  This mashup is called Call Me Baby Back, a little mix of “Call Me Maybe” and “Baby Got Back”.

Unfortunately, I do not like this mashup.  I feel bad saying this, but this mashup just doesn’t flow at all.  The lyrics of Carly Rae Jepsen and the beat of Sir Mix-A-Lot do not mix at all!  From the start, the vocals crash with the speed of the beat.  The two fight with each other constantly.

I really hate to say it, but this mashup would be better off if it was just trashed and forgotten about.  The only part that makes this mashup worth listening to for me is when Sir Mix-A-Lot just breaks it down in his natural progression.  The second Carly is introduced the whole thing falls apart.

I think the reasoning for it is that Carly’s vocals are the wrong key for the heavy bass, they are whiney and annoying.  Plus, the songs don’t work because of their underlying themes, one is about them big ole booties, while the other is about…having a guy call her sometime.  I don’t know, just knowing that makes it hard for me to appreciate the combination.

Unfortunately, I am pretty disappointed in this mashup.  I don’t want to keep on slamming DJ Santo because he does have some good beats:  View below for examples…


I feel bad doing a negative review, but I am just being honest. I know I will experience better in the future!

Please, check out DJ Santo:

DJ Santo

I’m Alive On Diamonds

Sup everyone, here is the opener for a new DJ on the scene, Young Stussy. He needs some feedback, so we were more than happy to oblige.

Alright, let’s break it down from start to finish. Press PLAY and follow along!

Right off the bat the vocals and music do not work together. Kate Elsworth needs to be played to a slower beat. Her vocals aren’t energetic enough for the beat that follows and thus is an inappropriate start. Then, the editing at :40…ouch. It is so obvious that these were all cut and pasted one after another.

But that’s just the beginning, trust me it gets better :)

Once Drake kicks in with that deep bass, the song becomes banging. I do like the little essence of Diamonds in the background. It kind of makes it seem like they are singing to each other…yet the lyrics seem to have moments where they battle pretty hard for the spotlight. Just as a word of advice for future mashes, make sure that the lyrics have a reason to be there. For instance at 2:02, there should only be music there. This is a moment for the musical solo…not to have this slightly audible annoyance in the background talking about diamonds in the sky…so take her out there. Another time this happens is at 4:05.

After that… the mash stays in the positive. Great beat, fun to dance to, has some great drops and climaxes.

A suggestion for future mashups. Remember that every moment is supposed to lead the listener to think one thing is coming and then to turn us on our head with a new, BETTER sound. Whether this inclines vocal battles, complementary progressions, or just something totally new and unexpected direction, each moment has to leave us on the edge of our seat wanting more. There are plenty of cases in here where the music does justice to the mashup, but of the aforemetioned problems above, I suggest tweaking and focusing on limiting those “mistakes”. Who knows, maybe you have stumbled on to the next big craze, but I doubt it. Sorry.

Overall I approve of this mashup. I listened to it and was engaged at every moment, just sometimes it was like someone put some lemon on my tongue and gave me that “bitter face”.

Keep practicing, keep mashing, bring us the new age of music!

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Breaking Your Guaba

Sup everyone, check out this awesome little mix from RubeRx. This mashup is a mix of Michael Woods’ – Guaba (Original Mix) and Danny Avila’s – Breaking Your Fall (Original Mix). I have to say, with this much electronic music going on, it makes me want to go jump into a club so that I can get the thrill of the bass throughout my body, not just my head.

The combination of the music is pretty good in my opinion, its not the most amazing mashup, I know I can think of a few better ones right off the top of my head, but this is RubeRx’s primacy. According to him, he is just getting into the game and wants as much feed back as he can get.

Well, here are a few words.

First, when making your mashups, try to add some sort of interesting factor that draws people in over and over again. Yes, I like dancing to the repetitive techno beat, but after a while it gets old and tiring. You have to make sure that each moment of the song makes the person want to listen for more.

If you are looking to make a techno beat, might at well just throw 10 minutes of bass and keyboard together and put it on repeat. When people come to mashups they want to be blown away, want to feel like they are going to be surprised at every turn, but that each surprise is exactly the way it was supposed to be.

So, my suggestion for you, you can keep the repetitive beat, but throw more vocals in there. This mashup needs more attitude. That is absolutely what it is lacking.

Check out more of RubeRx on Soundcloud

I Know I’m Out Of My Mind

I really, really like this mashup. I am loving the attitude and the grit that this mashup offers. I would agree and say,

I am out of my fucking mind

while I am listening to this mashup. I absolutely love the way the bass drops and all the different combinations of lyrics and music. I would say TimmyTass has done a great job with this mashup.

To get more technical, I really like how well Timmy was able to match the attitude of the lyrics to the music. When things needed to get faster, I feel like he speed up the lyric perfectly. From what I can tell, he did some custom scratches to help moments transition and I have to say they worked wonders. (If I am wrong with this, please tell me)

Other than that, I really have nothing else to say. This mashup is pretty much just awesome and everyone needs to take a minute to listen.

Enjoy! Comment, share, and come back for more!

99 Problems vs. Nightcall

Check out this awesome rap mashup!

Brought to you from Timmy Tass. What I really like about this mashup is NOT the complexity. This mashup is just a basic A+B mashup. So, not the most difficult thing to make.

What I DO like the most is the choice of music. I didn’t appreciate the message of “99 Problems” when if first came out, but with my current runnings with the law, I fully appreciate the bullshit that Jay-Z goes through.

I also like the way that Nightcall compliments the main lyrics, it definitely emphasizes the fact that we all have something that we are passionate about and Jay Z’s is the law trying to fuck him over.

This mashup is definitely the shit. Great work Timmy.

Call Me Maybe / Payphone

Check out this awesome video mashup of Call Me Maybe and Payphone. Produced by Kurt Hugo Schneider with three very talented and AWESOME musicians: Jessica Jarrell, James Alan and Jake Broido.

What I really like about this mashup is that everything is done in real time. The camera work, the different ways to make the music, the vocals, all combine together to make an awesome little mix.

This mashup is amazing all the way up till 2:33. Then all of the sudden it gets to be too much. The vocals start to fight with each other, and he music gets so “loud” and “intense” that everything seems to get crammed together into a jumble of music. But, to say one more thing, at 3:05 everything gets better again and the song ends with an awesome tone.

Great stuff!