Lost In Au Love

Hey everyone, check out this mashup from Rumney! The song is called Lost In Au Love and it features a mix of music from Julio Bashmore – Au seve, The Real Thing – You too me are everything, Redlight – Lost in your love.

This mashup is a new sound for me.  I am not one to proactively go search for mashups that have the 80’s pop-love theme to it.  This is definitely a mashup for a unique area of the mashup community.

The song starts out with an upbeat tempo, something that most people will find enjoyable and easy to listen to. Once the “Lost in your love” lyrics kick in is when we get that 80’s feel.

I do have some issues with some of the transitions.  For instance, at 1:28, there is too much going on, the “record scratching” is so obvious that it become the focal point of that section and it throws off the rest of the music.

My biggest issue with this mashup is that it gets to be very repetitive.  Once you have heard the first half of the song, you might as well turn it off because it is essentially the same till the end.

So as a suggestion, for future mashups, try to add as much as you can to the mashup that is new, exciting, and unexpected.  This will insure that your listeners will want to keep listening because they want to know what is coming next.  If you or someone else can predict the next step in the song, you have failed as a DJ.

While this is positive energy in this mashup, this mash could take some more interesting lyrical weaving and some more exciting beats.

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The Reply/Crave You

The premiere release of Dallas Waldo’s upcoming mash-up mixtape Mashed & Gravy: Volume 1! A smooth interactive blend to an ear-pleasing Flight Facilities masterpiece, Crave You.

Recording and Vocal Mix: Odd Angle Music
Lyrics and Beat Mix: Dallas Waldo
Original Mix: Flight Facilities ft. Giselle

In other words, this is a mashup of a mashup.  I like it!  This song is extremely smooth, if this song was played for me to try and get me ready for a night of “fun,” I think i’d be a vulnerable little man.  This mashup goes down smooth just like a god beer or glass of scotch.

What I really like the most about this mashup is the speed of the beat.  Its not too fast that I feel rushed, but it is fast enough that the pace keeps me engaged.  My attention has to be focused on the song or else I miss something.  And if I miss something, I have to start the song all over again…so let’s just say I “missed” stuff more than a couple times.

My favorite part of the entire mashup is the end at 2:55.  The jazz breakdown is freaking awesome.  I wish there had been more of that throughout the entire mix!  There.  That is something you can fix, mister Dallas Waldo.  Make a mashup with lots of cool break down like the jazz solo.

Overall, this mashup is really flawless, there are no transition errors, there are zero vocal mishaps, chord progression and vocal tone mix perfectly, there are zero moments of “what the fuck” with strange music, this mashup does it right…like smooth jazz should.

Dallas Waldo is an independent 22 year old rapper currently based out of Ottawa. In 2010/2011, Waldo had the opportunity to study abroad in Shanghai, China, a bustling city of millions that presented endless amount of opportunities for Dallas to push his art and gain new experiences and connections. After releasing a track performed entirely in Mandarin, 非常满意 (feichang manyi), Waldo quickly created a buzz in the international schools that gained the attention and respect of Californian promoters at Double Victory Entertainment. Teaming up with DVE allowed Waldo’s voice to be heard by thousands in the some of the city’s busiest clubs including Muse, and at the grand opening of True Love club in 2011.

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Story Of My Life…

What’s up everyone, today we have a new mashup from Chip Pirrs.

So, I am struggling with this mashup. I want to say I like it, but at the same time my head can’t get wrapped around it. This mashup reminds me of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”. While the music and samples don’t actually form a “hip” remixed song, their is method to the madness.

This mashup could be best described as a, “personal recognition”. Chip is the focus of this entire mashup, so let’s try to break down the meaning…

The song starts out slow, kind of melancholy, depressing, or anguished. The vocal lyrics and the song contradict each other…the music is talking about “setting himself free” while the spoken word is trying to keep Chip from doing what he wants to do.

There is a struggle here for Chip, should he do what everyone else says for him to do? or should he do what he wants to do?

Overall, this mashup is honestly very saddening, I have no idea if that was what Chip was looking to accomplish, but if it was…damn. You alright man?’

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Gangnam Scream

While, I have heard a couple of these mashups lately, I think this is probably the first mashup that uses the Gangnam Style lyrics appropriately. This mashup come from DJ Santo. A first for him for the site, but one to be listened to.

To listen to this song appropriately, I suggest going to your local surround sound and play it there. If your head phones or computer speakers do not have bass, it is going to ruin the better parts of this song.

Like I said earlier, this mashup uses Gangnam Style well, but in the overall picture, I hope that this is the last one that I have to review. I really do not like listening to it within mashups, the vocals and the beat needs match up to songs coming out of the US. If you listen carefully, each time that the Psy vocals are brought in there is an abrupt transition and the music seems to miss by a couple bps.

Now, this is not a reflection of DJ Santo’s skill, no DJ has gotten it right by my ear. I have listened to probably 50 different version and this is probably in the top 5 of best executed. That song just doesn’t work for this genre of music.

For the stuff I do like, I really enjoy listening to you take Salt and Peppa and put them in with a little LMFAO and Usher, bringing the old and new together is always appreciated. So excellent job there. I really like the choice of Usher as the main chorus as well instead of having it be the “Hey sexy lady!” of Psy. Good choice.

Something to work on though, Santo. With future mashups, try to make the lyrics tell a story, it is interesting and shows that you carefully picked the songs to mash together instead of taking the top songs of today. Just a suggestion. Good stuff!

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Rage Mix Vol. 1

Check out this awesome mashup from Rage Cannon. A mix of:

The XX- Intro
Kromofone- Dark Lightning
Jeff Wayne feat. Richard Burton- Aliens
Madonna- Music
Notorious BIG- Juicy
R3hab feat. Max C- Sending My Love
Jamiroqual- Supersonic
In-Grid- Tu Es Foutu

This mashup is everywhere. For those looking for an A+B mashup, I suggest avoiding this one. Rage Cannon definitely has a unique feel for music. This mashup is very gritty to the ears. When I say gritty I don’t mean crappy quality music, just lots of in and out cuts with some very unexpected twist and turns.

While I would say that the unexpected music direction is good, I would also say it is bad. Rage needs to keep his ingenuity in music combination, but also needs to remember that he needs to “sell” his sound to ears that are only used to hearing the mainstream pop.

I have heard so many mashups that you can’t really surprise me with anything, so this mashup, while new and different, still had undertones of other mashes I have heard and reviewed. But, to finish my thought, the average mashup listener, may or may not, be thrown off by the attitude and direction of the mashup.

My favorite part of the song, which almost immediately sold me on the mix, was the intro. Man did that sound good and have some promising attributes to it. I kind of wish the whole song had taken that direction, but you are free to do as you will.

Overall, I would say that the things that need work are; lyrics flow and some transition smoothness. The best mashups that I find or that are sent to me have a flow to the lyrics that almost tell a story. Rage needs to instill this “process” if he wants to create a pretty big following.

Transitions have always been a pet peeve because I hate knowing when the music changes. I want to be moved along so smoothly that I do not even notice that the songs didn’t originally go together. This mashup though, I could tell when each section began and ended.

Other than the last critique. I enjoyed the mash and look forward to hearing more!

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I Know I’m Out Of My Mind

I really, really like this mashup. I am loving the attitude and the grit that this mashup offers. I would agree and say,

I am out of my fucking mind

while I am listening to this mashup. I absolutely love the way the bass drops and all the different combinations of lyrics and music. I would say TimmyTass has done a great job with this mashup.

To get more technical, I really like how well Timmy was able to match the attitude of the lyrics to the music. When things needed to get faster, I feel like he speed up the lyric perfectly. From what I can tell, he did some custom scratches to help moments transition and I have to say they worked wonders. (If I am wrong with this, please tell me)

Other than that, I really have nothing else to say. This mashup is pretty much just awesome and everyone needs to take a minute to listen.

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