Smells Like Ke$ha’s G6

Smells Like Ke$ha’s G6 – created by Titus Jones
Titus Jones – Ke$ha vs. Nirvana vs. Far East Movement vs. Britney Spears – Smells Like Ke$ha’s G6 [] by MashUp World PL03

I gotta give Titus some huge props here!  Very unique mashup!  The choice of bubble gum pop, rock, dace, and hip hop all combined into one was a daring one, but you, my man, have created something amazing.  Very memorable and definitely worth listening to more than once.  I’ll be throwing this one into the next party that I have.  Definitely need more songs like this to keep the heart of Mashups beating.  There are too many people doing two song mashups, we need more of these.  This mashup definitely separates the men from the boys.

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We R Dynamite

We R Dynamite – contributed by MixmstrStel
Taio Cruz vs. Ke$ha – We R Dynamite (Stelmix vs. Stonebridge 10′ Definitive Mashup) by MixmstrStel

Well, I gotta say this is a fantastic mashup.  I’m not a huge fan of Ke$ha because she is kind of a “fad” artist, but then again so is Taio Cruz (in my opinion).  After listening to this mashup and how well these two artist can be combined, I can see the talent and the draw between them.  I really like the vocal cut ups that this song offers.  It gives us a good amount of time to listen to both songs “Dynamite” and “We R Who We R” and yet keeps us on out toes.  I also like the artist’s ability to mess with the vocals.  That gives us another great aspect to this mashup.

Overall I am very impressed.  Its a little long, but I think that just makes it better for a club or party scene.

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