Dope Ass Dadi

Hey everyone, check out this mashup coming from Edward Dunne, Dope Ass Dadi!  I have a slight suggestion, make sure you crank the music for this one.

This mashup comes at you with the fire of hell and doesn’t hold back.  While, I know this mashup is not going to be for everyone, I think many of you will appreciate it.  This mashup is not the usual mashup that gets featured here.  This one is a little crazy and very unpredictable which I really like.

My positives for this mashup are many, so let’s get into it.  I love the attitude that this mashup brings to the table.  Fast, loud, excited, and even triumphant.  This mashup is meant to inspire some crazy, body flopping dancing.  This mashup with absolutely get you throwing your hands up in the air.  I really like that this mashup has a “chorus” that it goes back to, it provides for some point where we all can get back to the familiar and rock out like crazy.

My favorite part of the mashup is the heavy bass that rocks my head ever so gently.  Freaking awesome.

Now, while this mashup has some great moments, there are also a couple areas where I definitely am not feeling the beat.  What am I talking about?  Go to :44.

This lady’s vocals DO NOT work with the beat.  If you listen to it even partially paying attention, you can tell that her vocals (and her back up vocals) are not in the same key as the beat.  This causes what I like to call “tone war”.  Each one is fighting for the forefront of the song and end up making the beat sound awful!  What I like though is that it eventually flows back into some awesome “scratch” like mixing (see 2:00).

Overall, I have to say, this mashup is a good one.  It blows my headphones out and it makes my head bob up and down, so I like it.  There is the annoying “tone war” that happens every once in a while, but its not so  bad that I want to turn the song off.  The worst part about the female vocals isn’t even that it fights with the music, its that it sucks the energy out of the song.

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Dope Ass Dadi

The Reply/Crave You

The premiere release of Dallas Waldo’s upcoming mash-up mixtape Mashed & Gravy: Volume 1! A smooth interactive blend to an ear-pleasing Flight Facilities masterpiece, Crave You.

Recording and Vocal Mix: Odd Angle Music
Lyrics and Beat Mix: Dallas Waldo
Original Mix: Flight Facilities ft. Giselle

In other words, this is a mashup of a mashup.  I like it!  This song is extremely smooth, if this song was played for me to try and get me ready for a night of “fun,” I think i’d be a vulnerable little man.  This mashup goes down smooth just like a god beer or glass of scotch.

What I really like the most about this mashup is the speed of the beat.  Its not too fast that I feel rushed, but it is fast enough that the pace keeps me engaged.  My attention has to be focused on the song or else I miss something.  And if I miss something, I have to start the song all over again…so let’s just say I “missed” stuff more than a couple times.

My favorite part of the entire mashup is the end at 2:55.  The jazz breakdown is freaking awesome.  I wish there had been more of that throughout the entire mix!  There.  That is something you can fix, mister Dallas Waldo.  Make a mashup with lots of cool break down like the jazz solo.

Overall, this mashup is really flawless, there are no transition errors, there are zero vocal mishaps, chord progression and vocal tone mix perfectly, there are zero moments of “what the fuck” with strange music, this mashup does it right…like smooth jazz should.

Dallas Waldo is an independent 22 year old rapper currently based out of Ottawa. In 2010/2011, Waldo had the opportunity to study abroad in Shanghai, China, a bustling city of millions that presented endless amount of opportunities for Dallas to push his art and gain new experiences and connections. After releasing a track performed entirely in Mandarin, 非常满意 (feichang manyi), Waldo quickly created a buzz in the international schools that gained the attention and respect of Californian promoters at Double Victory Entertainment. Teaming up with DVE allowed Waldo’s voice to be heard by thousands in the some of the city’s busiest clubs including Muse, and at the grand opening of True Love club in 2011.

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I’m Alive On Diamonds

Sup everyone, here is the opener for a new DJ on the scene, Young Stussy. He needs some feedback, so we were more than happy to oblige.

Alright, let’s break it down from start to finish. Press PLAY and follow along!

Right off the bat the vocals and music do not work together. Kate Elsworth needs to be played to a slower beat. Her vocals aren’t energetic enough for the beat that follows and thus is an inappropriate start. Then, the editing at :40…ouch. It is so obvious that these were all cut and pasted one after another.

But that’s just the beginning, trust me it gets better :)

Once Drake kicks in with that deep bass, the song becomes banging. I do like the little essence of Diamonds in the background. It kind of makes it seem like they are singing to each other…yet the lyrics seem to have moments where they battle pretty hard for the spotlight. Just as a word of advice for future mashes, make sure that the lyrics have a reason to be there. For instance at 2:02, there should only be music there. This is a moment for the musical solo…not to have this slightly audible annoyance in the background talking about diamonds in the sky…so take her out there. Another time this happens is at 4:05.

After that… the mash stays in the positive. Great beat, fun to dance to, has some great drops and climaxes.

A suggestion for future mashups. Remember that every moment is supposed to lead the listener to think one thing is coming and then to turn us on our head with a new, BETTER sound. Whether this inclines vocal battles, complementary progressions, or just something totally new and unexpected direction, each moment has to leave us on the edge of our seat wanting more. There are plenty of cases in here where the music does justice to the mashup, but of the aforemetioned problems above, I suggest tweaking and focusing on limiting those “mistakes”. Who knows, maybe you have stumbled on to the next big craze, but I doubt it. Sorry.

Overall I approve of this mashup. I listened to it and was engaged at every moment, just sometimes it was like someone put some lemon on my tongue and gave me that “bitter face”.

Keep practicing, keep mashing, bring us the new age of music!

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Let’s Get Clarity

Sup everyone, check out this nice little beat from Edward Dunne.  A little combination of electro and vocals, this mashup is definitely one to start a pre-game.

In my opinion, this mashup would be great for the ladies to get stuff kicked off.  I could definitely see a few of you standing in front of the mirror straightening your hair as the bass starts bumping.

What I really think is most interesting about this song is that it puts me into a trance like state.  I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing though… Is it putting me to sleep or just engaging me fully?

I personally think it is engaging me fully.  As I am listening to this song I get really into it as the tempo picks up and the beat drops.  I could see myself playing this song as I was driving around, but I don’t know if I would be able to play this song at a party of mine.

After saying that, I do see a scenario where this mashup could get played at a club.  It has just enough bass and bump that people can dance to it.

My biggest issue with this mashup is that the lyrics are very preachy feeling.  I listen to this mash and think I am in church praising Jesus while dropping acid.  I don’t know if anyone else gets that impression, but that’s how I feel about it.

Overall, nothing majorly wrong with this mash, I just think a different choice of vocals would have been much better.



Some Monday That I Used To Know

For this mashup, we get a little Gotye and New Order mix. Brought to you by Richard Challen, we have the song “Some Monday That I Used To Know.”

I will admit, right off the bat, I was not a fan of this mashup. I thought the music was too repetitive, boring, and honestly wasn’t going to work together. But, I stuck with it. Now, I think its awesome.

For those who are wondering which of the above to listen to, I would highly suggest the video. There is some amazing editing going on here. I really like how the beat and the video move together, it is definitely a smart way to catch the attention of the viewer.

What I truly find great about this mashup is that is takes the new and the old and brings them together. Too often everyone wants to put the top songs together and they think that will get them a huge following. Honestly, I got into mashups looking to hear the new and the old combined into one. I think that those who are loyal to that “design” will be the fastest growing, with the most loyal fan base.

If I had to critique anything about the song, I would say get a catchy beginning. It is all about the first 15 seconds. If you can’t sell someone a song by the time the first chord progression is finished, you will lose them forever. For an A+B mashup, I am happy with what I got to hear. This mashup I can see being played at some…hipster-esque locations mainly because it just has a feel that I think most people wouldn’t be too comfortable with in the club.

Great mix, if you want to hear more for Richard, feel free to check out his soundcloud, youtube, or facebook,

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Here are the songs involved:
New Order – Blue Monday
Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know

99 Problems vs. Nightcall

Check out this awesome rap mashup!

Brought to you from Timmy Tass. What I really like about this mashup is NOT the complexity. This mashup is just a basic A+B mashup. So, not the most difficult thing to make.

What I DO like the most is the choice of music. I didn’t appreciate the message of “99 Problems” when if first came out, but with my current runnings with the law, I fully appreciate the bullshit that Jay-Z goes through.

I also like the way that Nightcall compliments the main lyrics, it definitely emphasizes the fact that we all have something that we are passionate about and Jay Z’s is the law trying to fuck him over.

This mashup is definitely the shit. Great work Timmy.