Euphoric – DJ Tuto

Check out this awesome full length EP. Brought to us by DJ Tuto, this EP brings both amazing musical rhythm as well as enviable DJ skills.

While this is not a live play, unfortunately, this studio recording is still awesome. There are 7 tracks. Each track has something new and interesting and the music ranges from Adele to Eminem. Not the biggest spectrum, but you at least have some variety.

To critique this mashup list a little, I do find myself struggling with the volume. There are times where I think the music needs to be, mainly, louder. Maybe I just get so into it that I want to be blown away. I just feel like I am constantly turning up my headphones to hear the music better. Maybe it is just me, but I just thought I would throw that out there.

Now, just as a side note, my favorite mix of the entire EP is “We’ll Be Coming Back”. While it is not the song with the most plays “so far”, it just seems to pull at the human heart strings. Its a song you can get into and a song that most people will be able to cry as well as dance to. Its a fantastic symphony of sounds.

Great mix my friend, I enjoyed every minute!


Let It Go

While, Justin Bieber gets on my nerves, I guess I can let it go for this song. Let It Go by DJ Tuto is awesome. If you are looking for a fast, upbeat, party mix, this would be a great mashup for you. The energy that this mashup creates is amazing.

What I really like about his video mashup is the combination of different raves/club atmospheres. The colors, the attitude, and the general atmosphere of this song is awesome. A free, loose, and intense atmosphere. While this mashup doesn’t go crazy with lyrics like a DJ Earworm or Mashup-Germany mashup, it still wins me over with its amazing music composition.

If I didn’t know any better, I would say that it was all one song and not a couple songs added together. This is a great mashup. Way to go DJ Tuto

Songs included:
Dada Life – Rolling Stones T-Shirt
Dada Life – Rolling Stones T-Shirt (CAZZETTE Remix)
Justin Bieber – Boyfriend
Dirty South ft. Rudy – Let It Go (Axwell Vocal Mix)
Pendulum – The Island (Pt. I – Dawn)

Groundstrokes – Album

Check out this crazy awesome mashup album from DJ Tuto! Gotta say, even though it is about 18 minutes long, every second was worth listening to. The beginning grabbed my attention, got me excited, and not to mention, made me starting bobbing my head and tapping my feet. I love the energy that continues throughout the song. I can tell Tuto had a great time making this mashup. There are so many great combinations and so many great little edits that make this whole thing unique. I love the “Who’s gonna bringgggggggggg…” cuts. Those are well known, but even just extending their length made them original and interesting to listen to.

Tuto has everything in this mashup… a little Adele, a little Britney, some manly bass and dubstep. Everything is here to make a great club mix that I am sure will blow people’s minds. Great mashup my man, I am glad you sent it to us to listen and review. Please, keep them coming.

(Singing) “Dirty dancing in the moonlight, take me down like I’m a domino!”

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