Some Dirty Circus Sunshine

Oh yeah baby, give it to me just like that! David Guetta/Avicii + Wolfgang Gartner + Wynter Gordon + Deadmau5 = amazing mashup. This mashup builds up slowly, but trust me, its completely worth it. The Drop at 1:55, its fucking amazing. This mashup I could see being played in all the major clubs in L.A., New York, etc. This shit is going to be played at my next party, I know that for sure. The mashup focuses more on the attitude of the music and the lyrics are mainly there just to complement the music. I love the ending, from 3:00 till the music fades away, I am just grooving. I love that the music is not blowing me out of the building, but it is still keeping me pumped as we slowly come to a close. Great stuff my man, please, keep it coming as often as you can get them my way.

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Sweating Til’ The End of Summer

Sweating Til’ The End Of Summer (Swedish House Mafia Vs. Jason Derulo Vs. Snoop Dogg + David Guetta) by Mash Lion

Ahh, so refreshing, another great Mash Lion mashup! This one had me from the second I hit play. Immediately we are thrown into a great mashup of 4 amazing artists! To be honest its hard for me to even critique this mashup. There is nothing wrong with it from my point of view, the beat is upbeat, fast, but you can dance to it, the lyrics are split up perfectly to where we aren’t stuck listening to one song for too long. Honestly, the best part of the mashups is hitting the play button again. Yeah, I said it, the whole song is the best part. This is very close to being as good as a DJ Earworm mashup. Just tidy up some of the loose ends during transitions (that is being really picky though) and this song would rival most of his year end mashups. What I love the most about this mashup is that the tempo builds, climaxes, drops, then immediately does the whole progression over again. I am constantly drawn in over and over again.

Fucking fantastic mashup.

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2012 Can’t Handle Me

2012 Can’t Handle Me – created by The Mixdown
2012 Can’t Handle Me (Jay Sean ft. Nicki Minaj vs David Guetta) by The Mixdown

Woo! This is a great upbeat mashup.  This is a good mashup to play at parties for sure.  It has a beat everyone can dance to and not to mention it has Nicki Minaj… I don’t know about you, but whenever I hear her rap I think its the most badass thing (well for a girl).  She gets way too into it, but that makes her lines awesome.  The Mixdown made some good choices for his mashup.  I like the Choice of David Guetta with the beat.  Seems like he is getting some work with the mashups lately.  Everyone must like editing and changing his stuff up since its not too complicated, but still interesting.  I think there could have been one or two more artist thrown in with this mix, but what we got isn’t bad.

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Club Can’t Handle Me (feat. David Guetta) – Only One Flo, Pt. 1 (Deluxe Version) Club Can't Handle Me (feat. David Guetta) - Only One Flo, Pt. 1 (Deluxe Version)

Mega Mashup!

Mega Mashup – created by MaNuMixx

Check out this awesome video mashup, probably one of the most complicated musical and visual mashups we have ever heard here.  Lady Gaga, Pitbull, Akon, David Guetta, Madonna, and Shakira all combined into one collaboration is enough to make the sense go crazy.  The beat is great, the combination or songs is perfect, the vocals flow smoothly into each other.  The visuals are flawlessly put together, almost to the point where they seem to be one cut video, instead of five or six.  Congratulations MaNuMixx for giving us something that we can all agree on as being one of the top mashups ever.