Swag Fallin’

Swag Fallin’ – created by corporation
Swag Fallin (Soulja Boy VS Tom Petty) by corporation

Honestly this mashup is awful and awesome at the same time.  The worst part about this mashup is Soulja Boy.  I hate his voice, I hate his raps, I hate his arrogance.  But, when laid over a little Tom Petty, I can’t stop listening.  This is not a song I would go playing at a party or blast in my car, but if it shuffled on my iPod while I was running, I would listen.

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Back in Jimi

Back in Jimi – created by El Bosso DJ
Back in Jimi (El Bosso Bootleg) – ACDC vs JIMI HENDRIX by El Bosso DJ

Check out this awesome Classic rock mashup.  A little ACDC and Jimi Hendrix can go a long way, but together its almost rock heaven, or should I say “hell”?  Throw up your horns fellow rockers and check out this awesome song.  I definitely like the use of Back in Black as the instrumentals as Jimi belts it out.  The coolest thing about this song is that the lyrics stop when the jamming starts and the jamming stops when the singing starts, so there is excellent chemistry.  El Bosso Has definitely birthed a winning number to the rock world, the only thing I wish he had done differently was make the song “downloadable”! AH sorry everyone, I try my hardest to find downloadable songs, but this one was sent to me and therefore the artist can do what he pleases. Big props to you El Bosso! Keep ’em coming!

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Completely Next To You

Completely Next To You – created by HiFi Banjo Strings
The Clash Police – Completely Next To You (a Hifi Banjo Strings mashup) by HiFi Banjo Strings

This is a pretty sweet classic rock mashup.  Its nothing too impressive, but it gives us a little more variation in the type of music that we put out here.  I like this mashup because its got a good rhythm with the guitar.  I rarely find songs that use the guitar as an instrument that builds the rest of the song.  I wish there were more.  I definitely like the combination of The Clash and The Police.  They both had unique music talent and this mashup sure makes them seem like one band. Check it out, tell us what you think.

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