All Of The Lights²

The Hood Internet – All Of The Lights² (Ellie Goulding x Portland Cello Project x Kanye West) by hoodinternet

Soo, apparently everyone knows about this mashup except for me… thanks guys, thanks for letting me know about this. Jerks. This mashup is fantastic for one main reason, its like listening to an epic adventure balled up into three minutes and twenty seconds. I only wish that Hood had put one or two more vocals in, just to give it more depth. The music is fantastic and I would never change a thing, but if there was something like another woman singing this mashup would just be that much more interesting. The way this mashup builds is amazing. Starting out slow, it builds to that epic status, then milks it for most of the song, then ends on a softer, gentler note that acts like a close to a long journey. Its great stuff and its hard to find music that tells an emotional story like that.

Keep these coming!

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Promiscuous With You

Promiscuous With You – created by DJ Stroof
New mashup Rock with you vs. promiscius Rendered 1 by DJ Stroof

I like this song and that is saying something since I hate Michael Jackson.  I just feel like when he is singing, he is also trying to invade some place on my body and it just freaks me out.  Yeah, its a stupid fear, but thats what his music does to me.  This mashup is a great laid back song that everyone can enjoy.  There is no part in it that shouts at you or makes you cringe, which is a huge plus.  The editing between lyrics is flawless and the music has a great vibe.

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The Day The Music Died

While this mashup won’t be the craziest, hip-hop, club thumping mix, but I do feel like it deserves a listen. Trust me, it is not boring in any way. There are great drops and great artist in this mashup. For example, there is even a “Green Day” in this mashup…you can’t go wrong there.

What I really like about this song is the combination of old, semi-old, and new. Everything is combined into one awesome mashup. For those of you out there looking for some understanding of what a good “multi-song” mash is, this is definitely one for the books.

Mashup-Germany is a pretty well known mashup artist, so many hardcore listeners will already know about him, but if you haven’t had a chance to hear his stuff, check out his work.

Saving Superlove

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Sir Matty V, delivering to us another amazing little mashup. Saving Superlove is a fantastic mix of Avicii, Flo Rida, Calvin Haris, and John Martin.

The beginning of this mashup starts off with a nice, smooth build up. We get teased a little for a drop in the music as if it was going to be dubstep, which in my opinion was pretty impressive.

When the lyrics of “Whistle” start, that’s when this mashup really takes off, the song gets serious and the music gets to the “dancing” rhythm.

This mashup has great rises and falls in the music, giving it variety and an intriguing mix of approaches that Sir Matty V can take.

This mashup is going to be played at my next get together for sure. This mashup will get everyone dancing. Good shit!

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Happy Ending

Check out this awesome mashup of Dada Life, Drake, Enrique Iglesias, Afrojack, Skrillex, and Pitbull. Talk about pumped up and awesome, this mashup brings us to a whole new level of music mixing. Right from the start this mashup blows you away.

What I really admire about his mashup is that jumps right into the mix. There is no messing around with some “special” shout-out, there is no 1 minute single beat build up, its just down to the music in the mashup.

Another great aspect is the “jumping”. is very talented in his ability to go from artist to artist with ease. Lots of DJ’s fail to get their music to flow properly because they can’t get the words to have a flow. has successfully created something that would equal that of DJ Earworm. Add another 10 artist into the mix and it would have been just as good as any year end mix from Earworm.

Great mashup T., we are looking to hear more from you!

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Cinema Language

Here is a great little club mashup to start us off. Coming from DJ Rozz, we have a little Benny Benassi and Porter Robinson mash. Now the attitude, build up, and execution of this mashup is great. I only have one problem, the lyrics sometimes don’t match up with the music when it comes to “tuning”. The pitch of the voice battles with the pitch of the music. The best example of this is at 1:03 till 1:15. To me, this didn’t kill the song, but it definitely made me cringe. It was hard for me not to stop thinking back to that part as the song progressed.

The music is great though, definitely upbeat which tends to bring a “happy” approach to the lyrics that my not be so happy.

So overall, this song is good, but I really think the lyrics need to be re-thought out. Sometimes its the “small” things like that, that make a song crash and burn or rise above others.

Other than that, I got nothing else, this is just a fun little jam.

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