Whatever Barbara Ann

Check out this mashup from DJ Dumpz. While, like most of you, you will have no idea what is being said in this mashup, it is definitely one to listen to.

Music has the uncanny ability to reach people from all cultures. This mashup brings together:

Cro – Whatever (Original + Acapella)

Beach Boys – Barbara Ann

Mungo Jerry – In the Summertime

This mashup has extremely high energy, great vocals, and superb editing. A fantastic mix that anyone could get in to.

Ghost Town

Checkout this awesome mash from Radical Something.

This is a great soft beat mashup. Plenty of attitude, plenty of amazing emotion behind the music.

This song has music combined and written by by Radical Something, Outasight, Kinetics & One Love, Kenna Okoye, Scott Harris, Mike Cash, and John Cave.

For sure would be a hit that would take the world by storm…just needs a little more love from the people!

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Tidal Wave – Perry Gaffney Jr.

  1. Negros In Paris Bootleg (Bonus Track) 05:34
  2. Perry Gaffney Jr Ft. Partners-N-Crime – Beat Of The World 03:48
  3. PGJR Tears Down Kyoto 03:57
  4. Show Ya Funkin’ Tats 04:16
  5. It’s The Underdogs Turn To Be UNDISPUTED 06:39
  6. I’m On Beast Mode 05:47
  7. Perry Gaffney Jr Ft. Drip Drop – BoomBox Collab ft. Drip Drop 05:35
  8. Imma Bring Fireman B2TBOTM 04:59
  9. DuB Funk (Gramatik X Earphunk) 06:16
  10. West Coast Flo Rockstar 05:59
  11. Down Bad – Addy Daddy (PGJR Remix) 04:19

Don’t You Worry Suckaz

Now, while I like opposite genres, this mashup does it better than I have heard in a while.

Brought to us from Woo-O’clock, you will definitely want to put your hands in the air for this one. In this mashup we get extreme intensity from TJR followed by some sweet soft vocals from “Don’t You Worry Child” by Swedish House Mafia.

Both songs work together perfectly. I personally like the easy to follow ebb and flow of this mashup as we softly and perfectly transition between songs.

This is what makes great music. Enjoy!

I Need Your Pressure

Check out this sweet mashup from Ultrabase.

What I really like about this mashup is the high energy. While I am a little sick of the song “I Need Your Love,” mashups are meant to revitalize music and I would say, it was a success in this scenario.

This mashup will have your feet tapping, if not your whole body moving.

Some technical stuff, the transitions in this mashup are glorious. If I wasn’t watching the video, I wouldn’t have been able to tell that these were two different songs. Great job with that Utrabase.

Now for a little fun stuff…

Anyone thing that the “Pressure” video is the weirdest video ever? What the hell is going on in that video. Plus, in the “I Need Your Love” video, I just want to smack them for driving and making this video. Fucking stupid people. Just cause you need each others love doesn’t mean you can be a douche driver.

That’s it. Peace!

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